How to Protect Your Garden from Hungry Wildlife

With all the care, attention, and hard work you put into keeping your garden looking beautiful, green, and healthy, the last thing you want is for wild, hungry critters to come and destroy all of your well-loved plants and flowers.

But never fear! There are ways to keep out pesky animals who see your garden as an all-you-can-eat buffet.


Protect Your Garden

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your garden free from animals is to protect it with fencing. Most fencing will keep out hungry rabbits and other small animals. In order to deter animals of the burrowing variety, bury your fencing at least 10 inches into the ground. This way they won’t be able to dig under it.

Another good way to protect your garden is by using raised or elevated plant beds. Up off the ground, this type of garden won’t attract small critters who are looking for a snack! You can even add a small fence on top to make sure no one can hop their way into your raised planting bed. Raised planting beds also give you great design options for your garden.


Choose The Right Plants

A surefire way to keep animals out of your garden is to choose plants that those animals don’t eat! Naturally, animals (especially deer) will avoid plants that have prickles, plants that are fuzzy, and flowers that are aromatic. You may try filling your garden with ornamental grasses, barberry, and holly, which are not as attractive to deer and other animals.


Natural Repellents

If fencing your garden and choosing unappealing plants hasn’t worked, then the next step is to try natural animal repellents. Sprinkling around some hot sauce or chili powder will obscure the appealing scent of your plants. Beef bouillon, an egg solution, and a garlic spray can also work as smelly deterrents.

Once an animal has tasted something unappetizing or has gotten sick from a food source, they will usually steer clear of it.

If that doesn’t work, you can try repelling animals by scaring them just a little bit with scarecrows, lights, or motion-activated sprinklers.


There are many animals out in the wild that can invade your garden, including rabbits, deer, and mice. But there are several all-natural ways to keep those hungry critters from eating and destroying the garden you’ve worked hard to grow.


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